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Resume for Pete Bennett

A long history of a Contra Costa County Resident connected to a wide ranging investigation of corruption where the adversaries wear badges but also armed and dangerous. 

Notes on issues affecting Pete Bennett are many as Bennett is homeless seeking work.  






Seasoned developer with extensive business in-depth experience, funding, finance, capital acquisition, mortgage backed securities 

Solid solutions, extensive planning, project management, adept and adaptable developer, strong ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks, in depth experience in evaluating software tools, applications,  

Innovator of clear solutions, systems and applications with constant emphasis on bottom line, 

Effective leadership, self-directed, mentor, project manager and solution solver; lead projects from concept through release, founded numerous dot com plays, developed business markets, identified clients,

Founded and formed companies, corporations, and managed employees, expert fabricator, high level spatial relationship skills, 3D modeling, drafters, detailer, expert carpenter, woodworker, craftsman and finisher.  

Technology Summary

This section:

There are tools consistently used over decades of development.

Please refer to 

Other tools below 


Languages/Programming: VB.Net, C#, VBA, SQL Server, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, ActiveX, console applications, HTML5, JQuery,

Frameworks: Moo Tools, Bootstrap CSS, 960 Grid, YIU, 

Systems: Windows 3.1,XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Windows Servers NT , 2003 & 2008, Windows 

Networking/Protocols: TCP/IP, SFTP, FTP, NetBui, UDP, Ethernet, POP3, SMTP, ICMP, IMAP, DDE,  SOAP and

Databases: SQL Server, MS Access, Omnis (closed), Dbase, Foxpro, 

Financials (AS400 Pioneer Chemical), Oracle Financials (Ivory Consulting) Super Trump. 

Misc.: Visio, Outlook Mail, Mail response systems, Jango Mail, Constant Contact

Developer Tools: DevExpress, Telerik, Tableau Software, BI Tools

Applications: SWORD (SBC/AT&T), MARS (ComputerLand Corporate), Lawson Financials (AS400 Pioneer Chemical), Oracle Financials (Ivory Consulting) Super Trump, Eastern LOS (Irwin Home Equity), Domico (Storage Pro), Yardi (Domico), Peach Tree, Solomon, SBT Accounting (Reseller supporting Various Clients), ERP and MRP projects with various clients  


Professional Experience / Past Projects, google apps, google API, JSON and google analytics 

Developing series of blogs focused on technology, travel, computers, technology and software using personal subject matter expertise while presenting a unique way to enhance the resume.  There are over 200 blogs planned that will be managed by a single API interface linked to other APIs for Ebay, PayPal, Google, Microsoft, e-signature, Azure and other blogs.  

This is a personal project to assist with managing several large blogs connected to research involving PG&E, Kinder Morgan, missing persons, kidnapping,  the energy sector, banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds and related investigations.  

Blog Control Panel 


This tool is hybrid of CMS, SQL, XML, Publishing designed to utilize post articles, news clips and links based on SQL Driven matrix based on parameter driven events.   Currently under development or work in progress as time permits.  

Social Media Management


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and others.  Manage social media advertising campaigns via common SQL Driven database.  

Clone Zone


Operated small computer store specializing in new and used computer systems.  Formatting of MFM drives, IDE, memory testing, parts replacement, system repairs, anti-virus management, installed operating system using automated scripts created for bulk installs, loaded drivers, set jumpers, installed networks, Novell Servers, Windows NT, Unix, and Xenix OS.  Ongoing support programs for law firms, auto dealers, doctors, and local small business.  Sold operation in 95 to competitor so as to focus on software development revenues.  


Sunnyvale. CA


During their conversion to Salesforce a mission critical application supporting the pricing module rollout failed testing.  There was an expected 30 day delay which forced departments to create temporary applications and solutions.   The group I was supporting used a combination of MS Access and MS Excel to develop a multi-tiered highly complex pricing model that relied heavily on product bundles.  

Seeno Construction

Concord CA  


Developed MS Access application to replace Symantec’s Q & A single file database over a relational database.  Developed risk management reporting and tracking for use between numerous corporate entities.  

SOT Electronics
Concord CA 


Developed MS Access application to augment then replace a parts system that was used to charge repairs back to the manufacturers of automotive radios returned on Warranty.  Customer had started projected with MS Excel which was dropped when MS Access features were determined to be more suitable to manage tracking of 60,000 radios.  Company netted annual savings of over $200,000 when system reduced paperwork from 12 minutes to 2 netting a substantial savings to customer.  

Ivory Consulting/
Terra Vista Software


QA Testing project.  Developed application for tracking bugs, errors and SQL issues.  Using  SuperMAX in conjunction with Sony Corp and Oracle Financials.  WinForms, C#, VB, SQL Server, SQL Profiler, and Storied procedure.  Worked with SuperTrump lease calculations.   



Developed prototype database for testing subjects in Asia, Africa and US.  Created Proof of Concept application to demonstrate Gruillue Fingerprint API with MS Access application.  Prototype used to model ASP.NET application by separate vendor.  



Developed internal applications for Gas Transmission Group for project directly tied to PG&E San Bruno Fire and subsequent PUC orders.  Developed MS Project files, connected to MS Access and SQL Server, developed ASP.NET forms, timesheets, created system for Welder Apprentice program and developed repository to manage extensive cost accounting spreadsheets covering auditing of annual costs exceeding over 2 Billion.  

Immuno Science
Pleasanton CA 



Installed servers, reconfigured Cisco Routers, installed software, reconfigured server room, upgrade patch panels, deployed T-1, and internet connections.   Small project for a potentially very large company using genesplicing as cure for AIDS.     

Immuno Science
Pleasanton CA 



Construction Project Manager:  Oversaw construction of Level 3 BioLab, installed electrical, prepared 12,000 SF warehouse, remodeled 3,000 SF office, sheetrock, carpeting, rebuilt offices from ground up, engineered additional power at 440, reworked flooring, sandblasted floors and prepared facility for prebuilt lab. 

Bank of America


Developed mortgage tool using MS Access drawing daily work from TerraData.  Multi-User database supporting BofA clients nationwide. 

Wells Fargo Bank


Internal IT tracking database, direct client.  Created as per client requirements an MS Access database for managing internal projects and initiatives for the IT department located in San Francisco. – Authentic Technologies 1998-2002 


Developed an internet job posting board for Dot Com Web Play.  Early internet Job Board.  Short term but profitable web play sidelined as larger well-funded job boards took the stage. 

Contra Costa County Summer 2002 


Developed with MS Access database to that extracted and analyzes telephone billing calls and patterns. 

Independent Mortgage Representative


Independent loan representative originating home mortgages, commercial loans, and home refinancing. Originate customers, loans, sourced clients through various marketing programs and efforts. Strong ability to interpret loan rate sheets and loan programs.

SBC/Pacific Bell- San Ramon CA Summer/Fall 2001 


Develop customized application for DSL order department using ASP, VB and Internet.  

Plan-it Interactive –1999-2000 


Developed customer and account management database. Installed WAN/LAN for five locations. Automated business processes, scheduled events, employees and trucks. 

Comerica Bank 


Developed custom reporting application using MS Access to track loan defaults and delinquent loan accounts. Integrated reporting data into MS Access and Excel for analysis via pivot tables. 

AMI Flight Charter Operations - San Francisco 1997-98 


Developed reporting application using MS Access to supplement flight operations scheduling program. Importing and exporting of schedules, airport arrivals/departures and expense data. Reports provided with detailed expenses for each plane. 

McCready Insurance 

San Francisco Summer 



Converted billing system using VB and MS Access, performed forensic accounting services by converting over 4,000 invoices from Excel to MS Access, generated reports in litigation support role for pending litigation.  

Levi Strauss 1997 


Developed Access/VB application to manage subsidiary cash flows. Provided currency translations, FTP upload from 88 subsidiaries located worldwide. Project provided corporate treasurer with accurate information regarding cash on hand held by subsidiaries. 

Main Frame Designs 

Cabinet and Millwork Operation / Owner Operator 



Operated 10,000 SF mid-sized cabinet and millwork shop. Over 10 full time employees. Design build operation focused on commercial fixtures, stores, schools, and hospitality and restaurant trades. Projects: 
Moscone Convention Center, San Jose Airport, Tony Roma’s, Wendy’s International, McDonalds, Emporium Capwells, Macy’s, Flakey Jakes Restaurants, Fresh Choice. Contra Costa County Colleges District, UC Berkeley, Wells Fargo Bank, Chevron, Pacific Bell and many major chains in Northern California and Nevada. 

Hired and trained over 100 employees, worked in conjunction with EDD, Workforce Development Board, local schools and colleges.  

Annual Revenues approaching 1 million when a series of life changing injuries sidelined founder Pete Bennett.  

Mt Diablo Bank 


MS Word project for loan committee.  An early type collaboration project.   Bank was sold to Greater Bay Bank then to Wells Fargo.  

Free Sports Play 1999
Joint Venture Project 


Lead architect for developing online gaming application that allowed users to play for points and prizes. Project consisted of integrating five developers focused on web development. 

Outlook Companion
Email management


Developed add-in for Outlook 97/98 to assist MS Offices users with automation of tasks inside of MS Outlook. 

MS Exchange Server


Developed custom controls to interact with MAPI connector.  Installed, managed, maintained servers using SBS Server, Windows 2000 and 2003.  Scripted logins, users, managed Outlook files, performed backups and upgrades.  

MS Access to MS Word Automation Project 

Ongoing Internal Tool


Develop automated features using OBDC, OLE, COM in conjunction with Word automation project which populated complex forms related to leasing, contracts, auto dealer form ,W-2 or any tax form.  The tool was designed to operate most forms.  Would take e-commerce transactions and condense to concise form then read/write/save/email/PDF/Archive via configuration tools.  Revision 2 was designed for e-discovery processes.   Features for audit, tracking, discovery and E-sign were all planned.  



Fully integrated e-commerce package tied to back end in-house accounting system that was integrated with web site revenue system.  Integration features or stubs included with transparent accounting, billing, sales and collections to fully integrated with typical CRM functions.  

MS Server SharePoint Services/MS Office SharePoint Server 2007


Installed for clients or test server environment.   Controls and features found in SharePoint are often synomous with ASP.NET/Visual Studio.  Expertise is limited but can be easily upgraded to support Sharepoint which relies heavily on Microsoft architecture using AD, IIS and .NET framework.  

Third Party Tools, APIs, Applications, Projects or Research 



Extensive Use of Rad Grid, RAD editor



Grid Controls, Online Editors 

Windows PowerShell 


Developed Win-Forms application to execute functions specific to IIS web site setup and functions.  

appCMD (IIS Management) 


Developed small Win Forms tool to generate specific appCMD scripts to automate IIS functions, changes, or

AdWords Semantic Article Word Spinner/ list integration tool 


In an attempt to generate unique articles mixed ubiquitous influence on fast paced ever changing patterns of news, politics.  

IIS Console 


Using IIS, AppCmd, Sql Server, Exchange Server created automated registration system for bulk domains.   

JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries/


JSON, VueJS, Bootstrap, Twitter, Facebook, 

Lightweight JavaScript Framework

Sencha Ext JS


JavaScript Framework for Rich Desktop Apps



JavaScript Framework


Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas



Server-side software system designed for writing scalable Internet applications used for various network features that can integrated with various developer IDEs.   This is an experimental tool that potentially could augment required features with web server functions.  

Currently developing internal application to load records via the blogger API 



CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript.  Useful tool for various projects. 





Fundamental HTML elements styled and enhanced with extensible classes

XML Publishing 


Early phase of developing interface linking XML publishing to web based advertising systems.   Use of VB, C#, Winform, SQL Server, ASP.NET connected to accounting systems.  Using/testing/evaluating of XML formatting, DTDs, page control and with inter



Useful mapping interface driven by JSON, custom SQL interface with HTML, IIS, ASPX and MVC .  




Right Signature (API)


2011 - Registered developer with real time API testing 

DocSign (API)


2011 - Registered developer with real time API testing

Intuit (API)


2007 – Modified files for client running QuickBooks 

DropBox (API and Users


2010 – Thorough understanding of features available for application integration 


Evernote (API) 


2010 – Thorough understanding of features available for application integration, search indexing and customization for use inside desktop applications.  

Google (API)


2004 – AdWords, Adsense, Google Analytics
2008 – Earth, Google Maps
2008 – Google Docs, Google Search

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) 


2005 – Extensive knowledge of IAB Guidelines

Bing Developer 


Maps, Translation, Search

MS Skydrive 


Testing and evaluation of Sky Drive (Live Connect) API to integrate service offering with Office 365.  

Microsoft Universal Subscriber (MSDN)


1996 to present Long term MSDN Subscriber 

Microsoft Solution Provider 


1995 to 1998 early adopter of Microsoft solution partner program. Sold off and exited services business in order to focus on software development and services.   Was personally awarded medallion by current CEO Steve Balmer.  

BizSpark Vendor 


Leveraging Microsoft’s business incubator model of supporting develop of Microsoft products and technology.   

Contra Costa County Business Incubator 


1997 to 2000 – participated in wide variety of programs to grow and foster a technology company, developed Venture Capital plans, practiced pitches, developed marketing models, met with venture capital firms at monthly meetings, fostered business relationships, developed project management skills, developed strategic planning, market segmentation, legal concepts, contract, financing and business formation. 



Founded, Managed, and performed functions required for sustaining legal status of corporation, recording of minutes.  

Mortgage Backed Securities
1998 to 2000


Have developed custom scripts, VBA functions used in MBS Modeling, forecasting, yield curves, Monte Carlo Simulations, pre-payment speeds, and PSA curves.  Developed functions for several mortgage clients in wholesale mortgage arena for loan securitization and origination.  Developed retain mortgage pricing sheets using LIBOR rates

Expert Witness
Keithley v. Homestore, Inc.


In response to civil subpoena was deposed as expert witness in Kevin Keithley v. The Home, Inc., 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 61741 (August 12, 2008) Defendant Verdict; provided expert testimony for defendant against former client Kevin Keithly dubious patent case was defeated.  In 2005 Bennett’s proposal and scope clearly stated that Keithly’s patent was preceded by other known services as far back as 1990.  



Preparing for participation in several civil matters involving complex fraud, corruption and criminal cases connected to an expanding probe currently maturing.  

Legal Research


Developing claims and causes of action using RICO statues with specific focus on government torts, qui tam, and whistleblower. 

Understanding of civil procedure, claim evaluation, complex legal claims, knowledge of criminal and civil statues, ability to formulate legal actions and defenses.  Ability to develop and write legal briefs within certain scopes.  

Labor and Overtime Law 

Landlord Tenant Law 

Government Claims Act 

RICO Statues and Cases 

Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Data 


1995 to Present: Extensive experience with BLS and Census data.  Extensive experience with labor market statistics, job descriptions, jobs, regional and national level analysis for various clients and projects

Arson Forensics 


Developing arson tracking database related to specific cases connected to separate legal cases.  

Cold-Case Profiler 


Creating missing persons and publishing online database to profile person, matching known databases to other known investigations.   Have develop profiling model comparing news,  media and historical information from existing repositories.Using FBI and DOJ statistics, databases coupled with readily available public information repositories.  

Missing Persons Database


Under contract to find missing persons from San Francisco Bay Area connected to my personal story.  They are sons of two friends that have been missing since the late nineties.   Developing a profiler online profiler database to that feeds missing persons banners into company controlled ad-network. 

Marketing Directories 


Developing comprehensive databases for legal, banking, finance, mortgage backed securities, music, and entertainment.  

Directories seeded with approximately business names with limited ads, concise listings, accurate data verified by D&B, Experian, and known list providers.   

Author – First Person Story   


Currently writing book covering numerous criminal cases connected to Contra Costa County Law Enforcement, Courts, Attorneys and Judges connected to a scandal spanning over 30 years.  

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