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About Pete Bennett

A serial entrepreneur, a business person, expert cabinet maker and carpenter, creator of music, a decent piano player, and pretty damn good guitar player and top shelf vocalist, a karaoke legend in his own corner.

The best way to reach Pete is 925-357-0723 send text with best time to call first due to the zillion auto-bot generated calls.  Feel free to watch Pete get arrested or loaded into ambulances via "The Unarmed Constituent"

His Story - Bennett in the beginning  

A resident of the Bay Area for over 40 years, started off with a truck, tools, shovels etc ... advanced his dream of expanding woodworking became a million dollar commercial cabinet and fixtures. 

The shop founded 1980 forced to close in late 1989 due to series of physical life changing injuries and courtroom losses in the millions.  Bennett always knew something was amiss in the courtroom thus keeping all his files, documents and paid off his debts.  

His losses tied to several billionaires, filtered through mergers and acquisitions or liquidations.  The same billionaires currently owe the City of San Francisco over 20 million.  

Bennett forced to close via armed intruders - some really bad actors but the worst group wore badges, some went to prison.  There are no police reports for over 20 incidents.  There is a big reason.

Bennett - The next career 1990 to 2010  

Founded new and used computer store on Third Ave Walnut Creek.  Forced to close when intruders arrived with guns.  Intruders left, the second set of intruders arrived wearing badges and guns.  There is no police record of the incident.  There is a big reason. 

Bennett - The Battle of Badges, Frauds of the Court and Distortion of Public Law

Bennett worked on the San Bruno Explosion

Bennett was arrested 

Bennett's laptop was breached with enough sensitive PG&E infrastructure to disable the Northern California economy.  

Bennett was in custody, they tricked his minor son to gain access to the system his father was training him on. 

Bennett's car was totaled, his truck was towed, he has been arrested over 20 times but .... all his charges in two counties dropped.  

The FBI and SAG are now deeply involved 

As of July 2020 he is homeless after repeated attacks, beatings, near fatal poison, kidney failure, false heart attacks, hit and run and yes even his truck exploding.  

The events are real and Bennett sleeps next to the Walnut Creek Police Department for his safety.  But Bennett can't ever be assured of his safety as the police have no true to duty to protect you.  

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