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National Security - A Strong Opinion

President Trump
The serious problems in our country boil down to the Good, The Bad and The Ugly but stems from the neglect, prior admimistrations and a long list of elected officials. Spread the blame across generations while embracing the successes. Remember failure means chaos that could lead to the point of no return.

Pipeline Terrorism linked to Private Equity

The PG&E Story According to the unknown former programmer connected to the HydroTesting Project.
Southern Pacific Witness Murder
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Attorney Rick Kopf
Defense Counsel in the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific filed Contra Costa County in 1987 lost when Judge Peter J Spinetta sided with my attorney, defense counsel as Judge yelled at the plaintiff while other attorneys some from Contra Costa County Legal looked on or knew that a key witness was taken our in Concord California sometime in 1989.

Bribery - The Land of No Ethics Rules

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William McGlashan

Operation Varsity Blues: A missing link of nested corporations, private equity, hedge funds and law firms committing legal fraud. When McGlashan was arrested pictures of Bono sitting next to him then from there Bennett found Elevation Partners, Silverlake Partners, National Association of Realtors, Wilson Sonsini, and Homestore. Bennett's 2004 proposal showed up in the 2008 Litigation, he was drawn into a fraud case between major players and the attorneys refuse to respond and somehow parties threatened my client costing Bennett over $40,000 in revenues.

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